Quantum Physics, Kabbalah, non-duality, sacred geometry, spiritual alchemy, higher consciousness, transformation, and phi are all expressed in the Infinite Heart® symbol.

Infinite Heart

Ancient traditions of oneness have done little to manifest it in modern times

Many ancient traditions from Kabbalah to Buddhism to Adveda talk about the oneness of humanity and the universe. Modern spiritual/metaphysical writers like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gregg Braden and many others have done their best to spread the word of oneness and unconditional love. Yet how many people see humanity as one? On the contrary, we seem more separated than ever and yet many feel that a global transformation is upon us. Something is obviously missing. Why have we never been able to truly manifest humanity's oneness and unconditional love on a global scale?

The answers are many but there is a very unique way to greatly assist humanity in this effort. We've never had a unique visual symbol for oneness and unconditional love. We have letters and words as symbols for sounds, in order to communicate. We have symbols like the cross, the shield of David and the star and crescent as symbols for religions. We have symbols for the signs of the zodiac and symbols for companies called logos. Symbols are ubiquitous yet there is no symbol for oneness and unconditional love. 

Humans are primarily visual creatures so any powerful effort or movement that's ever become global has had an image, a visual symbol. Everything starts as a thought in our imagination. Look at the word imagination: It's made up of the words IMAGE and IN.

So what could we imagine to be a universal symbol for oneness and unconditional love?

Phi, the golden ration and the Infinite HeartThe symbol would have to be one that represents the infinite inner wisdom that is the essence of all humans and it must somehow help us access that powerful essence. So, some form of infinity should be part of the symbol. Where does unconditional love come from? Not from our ego minds, that's for sure. We have the heart as the symbol for love, but what's with that point at the bottom of the heart symbol?. If you look at a proper picture of our real hearts, there is no point. The typical heart symbol represents human love because human love always has a point, or a condition. I'll love you only if you get good grades, or make me proud or never embarrass me, or have lots of money, or are beautiful or handsome, or never shout at me, and so on. So the universal symbol for oneness and unconditional love would have the heart symbol without the point. It would have a nice smooth curve at the bottom instead of the point. The curves making up the heart would be two connected golden mean curves since the golden mean number, called phi, is a number that continues on past the decimal point to infinity and never repeats. It's also called the God number. There would have to be two connected hearts representing the unity of opposites like male and female and it would also represent the Hermetic axiom AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

A version of the yin\-yang symbol would be visible inside the oneness symbol, but it must expand the circle of the yin-yang, which represents the expansion of duality consciousness to oneness consciousness. This is an expansion of perception from limited to unlimited. The first thing we think about when we say perception is something visual that we perceive without eyes, so the symbol has a stylized human face with two wide open eyes and perceived from above looking down, you'll see two heads touching with four arms stretched out holding hands. This represents connection.

Is it a two-dimensional or a three dimensional symbol?

As much as the flat two-dimensional symbol has multiple meanings, it's just one perspective of a three dimensional sphere. When the sphere is rotated to a particular perspective, one of the most profound sacred geometry symbols becomes visible: the Vesica Pisces, otherwise known as the fish sign. And it has two perfect circles inside representing another infinity.

How could it be possible for all of this and more to be in one symbol? Because our imagination is infinite. Nothing is impossible for the imagination. 

What I've been describing are some of the aspects of the Infinite Heart symbol. It is the symbol for Oneness, unconditional love, personal and global transformation and much more. 

Please spread the word about this symbol by sharing this blog and the Infinite Heart website with everyone you know in every way you can. 

This is the perfect catalyst we need for an alchemical spiritual transformation of humanity from homo sapiens to homo spiritus so we can finally become OUR NEXT EVOLUTION: O.N.E.