What is the infinite heart? The Infinite Heart symbol is a visual tool to help humanity move to a new level of consciousness. Scroll down to read a short introduction to the Infinite Heart. Link

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The IH symbol is the most powerful and amazing symbol the universe has ever revealed. Its existence has remained hidden from humanity until now. Only now has our overall consciousness reached the level where this symbol has meaning and can be utilized by us. The present state of world affairs has brought us to the point where a symbol of personal and global transformation is a must if we are to transform from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus. This transformation is Our Next Evolution. (O.N.E.) And our next evolution, as the acronym suggests, is the realization and manifestation of our Oneness. Our oneness with each other and with the universe. Aspects of the symbol:

1. Infinity.

2. Infinite love.

3. Vesica pisces.

4. Fibonacci and golden mean ratio/curve.

5. Connection (two people touching heads and holding hands.

6. Transformation of perception by perceiving through the “eyes” of the IH.

7. Istar.

8. Quantum physics: particle/wave dichotomy transformed to BOTH.

9. Transformation of the limited human physical perceptions to the unlimited IH perception.

10. An expression of the illusion of a straight line: homo sapiens under illusion of straight lines that separate; homo spiritus aware of the illusion, aware that all is globes, and circles are only cross sections of globes. Anything that is not a globe represents the illusion of limitation, a piece of infinity.

11. The symbol is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional energy. See for an interactive three dimensional version.

12. The istar represents the implicate infinite potential from which all form and energies emanate (all form consists of various forms of energy according to e = mc squared). The IH represents the manifest universe that emanates from the istar.

13. Expansion of the circle that locks in the yin-yang symbol of duality so it allows the curves to flow freely into the infinite heart symbol thereby us expand our perception from duality consciousness to oneness consciousness.

Until our transformation is complete, we need to utilize the symbol to remind us, to focus us, to help us during this transition period. Our egos will fight this transformation tooth and nail because it doesn’t want to loose control. Part of the transformation is transforming our lives from being manipulated by our egos to allowing our egos to be subservient to our IH’s.